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Website updated & future plans!

If you check out the first page of my website you will find two updates: I made a section for ”mountain experiences” where you can find information about me as a guide. But also a link to Topo Travel, Mountain Guide Travel and all the adventures you can join me on!

This is really the part of my business I want to work on and keep developing. I just love bringing people on adventures. And I would also be happy to team up with others, guide together or if you need a guide for an event, a trip with your friends or your company I would be happy to talk more about it. Just get in contact!

I have one more thing related to this that I´m working on that will launch in 2023. I will give you a teaser right now:

I´m right now doing a sports coach education focused on ultra running and endurance and this fall I will also start a personal trainer education to become a licensed personal trainer. My goal is to help people train for the mountains. If you are climbing Kebnekaise, Kilimanjaro or doing a long hike like Kungsleden I want to help you prepare. And one thing I have learned during the education I´m doing right now is that you need a personalised training setup to optimise your training. There is not a ”one program fits all” solution. This is something I´m really excited for. I already have my first client. I will tell you more about this tomorrow. Now I have to get ready to go check out Moumo!

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