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One week in Stockholm

I´m back in Sweden after my job for Visit Switzerland and a train ride home from The Alps. It´s kind of nice to be here where it´s 18 degrees, some rain and clouds after the heatwave in The Alps the last weeks.

Anyway, this is what I´m looking forward to this week:

Training – I had covid for the third time this year recently so I spent 10 days in my bed in my van. So boring. But I know that when you are ill the best thing you can do is to give your body some rest and wait with training until you are better. Now I´m better so I´m looking forward to get a good week of training in!

Visit Moumo and meet Matilda! Our climbing gym is opening in a few weeks and I have seen Matilda have been climbing there a lot lately. Last time I was there there was no walls up and now the upper part have climbing routes and I´m so excited because it looks amazing. Can´t wait!

Have morning routine – it´s difficult when you are travelling but at home I love to have a routine in the morning. This week it will be 20-30 min walk (I do it on my treadmill because there is a new Ifit series where you hike in US National Parks and I love to see the world like this. They are doing an amazing job to deliver good content for training). After that 15 min yoga and stretching. Then breakfast and foot massage.

Work – it´s so nice to be able to work properly when I´m in Stockholm. I can get so much done these days. I have a lot of logistics to fix with for different projects but no photo shoots this week so that is nice. Just to be able to check off my todo list a little bit.

Hang out with my husband. He came and picked me up at the train station yesterday and then we went for dinner at one of my fav restaurants. Or we had take away and went home and watched a movie and cuddled in the sofa while eating. It was so nice to sleep next to him with his arms around me for the first time in three weeks.

Eat at my fav restaurants. I love food. I love to eat and it will be nice to get some food from my fav places while I´m in Stockholm. I have already eaten a lot of salty liquorice 🙂

Finish my sport coach education. I´m on the final stages now for this one and it would be amazing to be able to finish it this week.

Finally I will just enjoy the feeling of having a week with no plans. It´s not so often in my life it´s like that so I will appreciate this a lot.

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