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Week 15

New week! I´m so tired in my muscles after my last max strength training session this Saturday. I felt so good during the session that I made a new PB in all exercises with the weights. But now I pay the price…

This is what I´m up to this week:

Trying to get high altitude medicine for my expedition. I wrote to the climbing committée in Sweden and asked if they have any doctors that can help me. Let´s see if that can be a solution. At least those doctors will know what high altitude expeditions means.

I drove my van back home last week so I will clean it and then leave it for service – I need to change tires for the summer.

I talked to my coach about leaving for Chamonix a week later since they have a lockdown until May 2. So now the plan is to drive from Sweden april 30. I will spend all of may in The Alps for training before going to Pakistan.

I need to apply for my VISA. And to send in some more paperwork for the expedition.

I need to make sure I have all the gear. I´m right now missing a few things like heated soles and socks.

I also have a new partner that I´m really excited about so I will create some content for them later this week. Waiting for the gear to arrive.

This week is also deadline for a big photo project I´m working on. And I need to record a lot of material for my online photography course. Being a photographer is my main job and that is also how I fund my expeditions and climbing. During this year I have a one year online photography course every week but when I´m away in Pakistan it will be difficult to stream since I don´t think there will be any wifi on the expedition. And if there is any wifi it will be slow and super expensive. So I will record a few classes instead for when I´m away.

And of course I will do a lot of training. Tonight I´m running for 60 min and tomorrow I will bike 2 hours.


  • Jenny skriver:

    Heja! Vet inte varför men jag älskar sånt här konkret pill, planering och checklistor? Känns som att man ”är med” på ditt äventyr på ett annat, mer nära sätt 🙂

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