My story

Two times in my life I felt a feeling stronger then anything else. Like a calling. Something that was meant to be. The first time was when I photographed my first concert at age 19 – I just knew I had to become a photographer. From that moment on I spent all my time photographing concerts and I founded a concert photography agency – Rockfoto that grew to become Scandinavia´s largest agency for concert photography. But after photographing over 3500 concerts and winning several awards I felt that I needed to develop. That is what I´m driven by as a human being. To always learn more and take on new challenges.

So I turned into fashion photography. It was a new exciting world where you got to be creative in a team. But I continued to explore photography in many other ways too. I started teaching photography at Fotografiska. I was one of the first one in Sweden doing photography tours around the world. I started a production company to serve a new media landscape with flexible solutions on how to create content. I was always interested in developing – not only myself but also the photography business and how you work with photography.

And then a few years ago I was on a plane to New Zealand to do research for a tour when I saw the movie ”Everest”. I had the same feeling in my body as when I photographed my first concert. This feeling is stronger than anything else. It´s overwhelming. And I just knew: I have to start climbing mountains.

So I climbed the highest mountain in every country in Europe in less than one year. And a few extra. And after that it was impossible to go back to a normal life.

So now I live half my life in a van or in a tent on an expedition climbing mountains around the world and the other half in Stockholm, working with photography. I love this contrast. And to be able to follow my heart and my passion is something I´m very grateful of.

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