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Via Ferrata in The Alps

This blog post will be my big guide to Via Ferratas in The Alps. It will be updated every time I have done a new Via Ferrata.



Chamonix – Via Ferrata Evettes

Moderately difficult and steep Via Ferrata in Chamonix with two Himalayan bridges, one of which is really long and exciting! 30 min approach from Flegere lift station. The whole experience takes about 2.5 hours before you are back at the lift again. The beauty of this Via Ferrata is the incredible view but also that you can occasionally stop and rest a bit. You rarely get pumped, maybe a little in two or three places that are a bit longer and persistent, but there are no problems for a reasonably fit person. You can walk around the bridges if you are very afraid of heights, but I have also seen people afraid of heights being taken down by guides in other places so it is not for absolute beginners.

Scenery 5/5
Endurance 3/5
Technical difficulty 3/5

Exposure 3.5/5

Time: 2,5 hours


Saint Gervais – Parc Thermal Via Ferrata

This is a Via Ferrata in a beautiful gorge but it also means that the last part of the Via Ferrata is wet! The Via Ferrata is divided into three sections where the first one is easy and straight forward, a family activity. The first part takes around 45-60 min. There is a exit after the first part.

The second part is much harder – mainly because the ladders you step on and the ladders you hold onto is so close to each other that you always get tired in your arms while moving, there is not really any rest on the traverses. It has a short suspension bridge and after that you can either take the exit or move on to the third part. If you do the first & second part it will take you around 1:30 hours.

The last part is very difficult and only for experienced. It have som overhanging sections and you will be very pumped on the last part. Also some part of the last section will be wet and slippery due to water running down. I can only recommend the last part to someone who is really fit and have confidence.

Scenery 3/5
Endurance 4/5 (if you do the first two sections, 5/5 if you do the third)
Technical difficulty 3.5/5 (if you do the first two sections, 5/5 if you do the third)

Exposure 2/5

Time: 2,5 hours for all three sections



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Saas Grund – Jegihorn Via Ferrata

This is the most spectacular Via Ferrata I have ever done, to the summit of Jegihorn 3209 m. It´s just wow! A super nice experience on high altitude and the suspention brigde even get the guides knees to shake. It´s vertical, physical, exposed. It has everything. It´s a half day adventure if you start in Saas Grund and take the lift up. Have lunch at the Weissmies Hut after for the full experience. I can not recommend this enough. But unless you are experienced, go with a guide on this one.

Scenery 4/5
Endurance 4/5
Technical difficulty 4/5

Exposure 5/5

Time: 3,5 hours

Pontresina – Piz Trovat Via Ferrata

The Piz Trovat (3,146 m) lies close to the summit station of the Diavolezza cable car (2,978 m). Two different via ferratas lead up this dramatic rock pinnacle. One is graded K2/K3 (low/medium difficulty); the other is graded K5/K6 – very difficult, suitable only for experienced climbers. A walk of about 20 minutes leads to the start. At first there is just one route, which splits in two about half-way up, just before a suspension footbridge. The special feature of the via ferratas at the Piz Trovat is the high-altitude alpine setting: the views of the Piz Palü, draped with glaciers, are truly breathtaking.

Scenery 4/5

Endurance 2/5
Technical difficulty 2/5

Exposure 2/5

Time: 1,5 hours




Cortina – Michielli Strobel Via Ferrata

There is so many Via Ferratas in The Dolomites but this one have easy access and is medium difficult so it fits most people (unless you have problems with your knees because going down is a pain in the ass, it´s steep and with a lot of loose gravel). The Via Ferrata is enjoyable and never too difficult even if it has a few spicy moves here and there. It´s good for regular people and a nice day out!

Scenery 4/5
Endurance 2/5
Technical difficulty 2.5/5

Exposure 2/5

Time: 4-5 hours with approach

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