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A visit to Moumo

Today I was at Moumo (the new climbing gym in Stockholm that Matilda Söderlund is one of the founders to and I´m an investor and a little bit involved in the project too). There was huge progress made! Last time I was here was in may and then there was no climbing walls, no stairs and roof / no floor in the wrong places. Hopefully everything is finished and it will open after the summer!

This is the top floor. It´s amazing with the roof windows that gives a lot of light (perfect for photography). Here we have some test routes and as you can see they will have a lot of routes up on the walls so there will be something for everyone!

My premiere climb at Moumo!

After the climbing Matilda gave me a tour and showed me the progress of the place:

The entrance floor. Look at the height of these walls!

More from this floor. There will also be a store and a restaurant on this floor. And…

Yoga! There will be a big investment with yoga classes, training classes for climbers and lectures/events. There will be two yoga rooms, this is the bigger one.

The place is three floors and this is the basement floor. Here you have changing rooms, gym, warm up and climbing.

The warm up climbing wall to the right and then more climbing!

Moon board and kilter board. There will also be another thing opposite to this that is still a surprise.

This will be a dream place and I´m so excited, happy and proud to be part of this. I hope you come climb if you are in Stockholm!

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