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Mountain Leader education

This weekend my Mountain Leader education started in Abisko, northern Sweden! For the next 9 months I will go to Abisko once per month to do this education with Arctic Guides. It´s so exciting!

The first block was four days and we spent the first three learning about navigation. Here we are also going to measure how many steps we take in 100 meters. Why is that good to know? In case weather get bad and you need to walk a certain distance and there is no view for example. Then you have to count your steps.

I thought I was pretty ok in getting myself to the right spot but after these days I feel like I knew nothing before. Wow! There is so much to learn and practice. I can´t wait to become really good at this.

We got different missions during these days, like find coordinates and navigate there.

We also learned techniques to become more professional in navigation when leading groups.

Here we practice taking out a bearing.

We also had a lot of fika 🙂

Lapporten! A landmark – those are really good for navigation by the way.

We found this lake during another mission when we practiced navigation.

After three days learning a lot about navigation we spent the last day talking about weather and winds. Very interesting. Now my head i full with new knowledge I can´t wait to go out and practice!

Next month we will do an expedition, I´m really looking forward to that!

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