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Kebnekaise 2021

Last week I had my Kebnekaise expedition together with Elin Skyttedal and The Mountain Community! This photo is taken after we got back to Nikkaluokta but here is the whole story:

I started the day with a run from Kebnekaise Fjällstation to Nikkaluokta to meet everyone but only half of them were there. The other half were stuck on a train since yesterday… Elin was also on the train so she took care of that situation and I started hiking in to Kebnekaise Fjällstation with everyone.

We decided to take the boat to skip some of the rain and that was the perfect call because during the boat ride it stopped raining.

And the weather became pretty nice for hiking. Not too warm and no rain.

When we arrived after 5-6 hours we pitched our tents and made dinner together.

The next morning we had a small workshop in navigation. This is something I´m practicing a lot right now and teaching others is a great way to learn. I just shoed some basics like how you use a compass and map.

In the afternoon I put up some ropes and everyone got to try top rope climbing!

While I was doing that Elin hiked in with the others.

And fall was coming to Northern Sweden.

The next morning we had an early start. It was time to go to the summit together with guides!

We did the eastern route that starts with a trail.

The weather was better then we thought it was going to be.

Then the route goes up Storbacken.

And over Björlings glacier.

On the Via Ferrata the conditions were alpine. Me and Elin climbed before the guides and the group and made tracks and cleaned the wires from frost.

A small snack break before the summit!

The last steps…

We had no view but we made it to the summit! Great job everyone!

Back down at the station we celebrated with dinner.

And the next morning we packed up our tents and hiked out. Such great adventure with an amazing group of people!

Let´s do it again next year but this time with IFMGA guides and to both south and north summit!

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