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Packing for Pakistan & The Alps

This is crazy. Packing for a big expedition. I´m scared I will forget something. I think I have ordered things from 10 different places now to get everything I need this week. Bars gels, heated socks, food, midlayers, heating pads, liners etc. I have a long list and I will pack everything today. Some stuff I need to bring to the Alps but most of it I can pack away for Pakistan.

Tomorrow I will go get my van and clean it, prep it and pack it. On friday I drive down to The Alps for some training in the mountains the last weeks before I leave. I´m really excited for it but looks like the weather is going to be kind of bad… We will see! I have a plan b and that is to go to Calanques for some hiking and climbing for a few days while I wait for the weather to improve.

The best for me would be to be able to spend some time on altitude and get some long days in the mountains. That is the goal with this trip.

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