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The stress!

I´m so stressed about so many things right now:

I leave for The Alps on friday and my assistant might not get a negative PCR test because she had covid 2 weeks ago.

I have to pack everything for Broad Peak before I leave and that is a huge thing.

I still have to order a lot of things for Broad Peak that have to be delivered. This morning I ordered new battery socks, heated soles and hand warmers. I´m still waiting for my 8000 m suit.

I need to break in and use everything before I leave.

I can´t bring any extra gear for Broad Peak to The Alps because it will be too much to take home on a flight (I will leave my van at my friends house in Italy when it´s time to go to Pakistan)

Is it even possible to go to Pakistan? The covid situation over there and in India doesn´t seem to be so well at the moment…

Is it possible to travel in Europe so I can go to the mountains for training?

Have I even trained enough? I feel like I need 2-3 more months!

I have to create photography courses in advance for while I´m gone and it´s a lot of work. Just to create them each week is a lot of work.

I need to write 15 articles about photography before I leave. Crazy much!

I need to go to a big store to buy snacks for the expedition and my van is on service until I leave for The Alps.

I need to pack and organise my van for The Alps.

I have a big week of training this week.

I also want to be a good girlfriend before I leave for 2,5 months.

Slowly things coming together but it´s not easy to deal with all the logistics…

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