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Training for the mountains – five favourite exercises

If you are going hiking this summer or climbing a mountain for the first time you don´t want to forget to do some strength training for your legs before. These are my five favourite exercises because they train the muscles you use in the mountains. Do 4 sets x 10 two times per week as a good foundation.

Step up

Find something that is around 40-50 cm high and step up on it. Go down controlled and slow. Use weights in your hands or a backpack to make it harder or just your hands behind your back.

Step down

Stand on the edge and go down as far as you can with good technique. Repeat. Very good for strengthen your muscles around the knees for going downhill. Also good for balance.

Calf rises

I spent a whole year doing a lot of these because they are not only good for when it´s steep but also for your achilles and if the terrain is uneven you need to strengthen that part of you foot.


Do them not only straight but also sideways and with your foot pointing in our out. Not all steps we take are straight so we need to train these ones in different directions. Use weights in your hands if you want to make it heavier.


Can also be done with weights if you want to make them heavier.

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