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Broad Peak cancelled!

It feel very weird to write this because I just told you about my next adventure, to go to Karakorum and climb Broad Peak. But I have made the decision to not go to Broad Peak in a month. I have been following the covid 19 situation in India and the countries around there. And they way it´s been developing is not good at all. It´s really bad. And it doesn´t feel right to go there right now. I know you will understand. The mountain will always be there and even if it´s sad and I had so much excitement for this it´s just not the right time. I feel a little bit like the air went out of me. But:

I´m trying to change so I can go to another 8000 m mountain after the summer instead. I hope it will be possible. Then I will be vaccinated and hopefully the world will be in a better state. When I booked this adventure 8 months ago the situation wasn´t that bad and I was maybe naive to think it would calm down for the next summer. That is not reality. And that means you have to change your plans. Wait a few more months maybe before it´s a better time to go to this part of the world.

This decision also change all my plans for the next 6 months. So it´s been a strange day – trying to make new plans and inform everyone involved in my decision. But the good news is that I can spend the summer in The Alps and train even more before my expedition (that will be another 8000 m mountain). So I will drive down this weekend to be there in time for when France open up a little bit more.

Weird. Crazy. Sad. But the right thing to do.

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