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Some days with bad luck

Where my van is stuck for the next two weeks. Could be worse.

This week have been quite bad for me. It started with the sad news that we had to cancel the rest of the Mont Blanc expedition after a few fantastic acclimatization days. The guides were ill so what can you do? We tried to get other guides but it was of course impossible with one hours notice in high season. Everyone have been booked for 6 months already. The next day my car broke down. It says ”check transmission” and ”gear not available ” so it´s impossible to drive it anywhere. I was lucky to be at a camping where five people could help med push it 100 m into a pitch where I can stay until I finally got an appointment at a garage. Because it´s vacation times they have so much to do and so little staff so I had to wit two weeks until they could take a look at my van.

Well at least I had my new bike! I took it on a ride and then I got a puncture so now that doesn´t work either… I think this is probably the easiest thing to fix I just don´t know how because I never had a bike. I need to get some help for this.

The next day I woke up ill. Me and Emma had to cancel our climbing plans for the day, we were thinking maybe we could do Dent du Geant in one day but I needed to rest. I told her to go back to Italy so I wouldn´t infect her too.

Since then I have been in bed, trying my best to get better. This is the worst possible time for me to be ill because during this period I have my only jobs for this summer. One got cancelled. The next one I can´t join if I´m ill and I just hope I will be healthy again for the next one next week. As a freelancer this is terrible because you loose your whole income.

But the worst part is to let people down. It really hurt to have to cancel Mt Blanc. There was just no other way but I really felt with the guests. And now I have two friends coming from Sweden to join the next expedition and I had to cancel that too because I´m ill. At least the guides are better so they can still do the expedition but my friends were climbing with me as partners so they had to make new plans with super short notice. One didn´t even have a place to stay and was already in Chamonix. It´s been really really not good.

At least it can only be better from here?

Today I woke up and felt a little bit better at least so can only hope it goes in the right direction.

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