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New life

I have been having a little bit of a life crisis the last days. Since me and Emma started our 82 Peaks project we have been horrified by the state of the glaciers. The difference is huge compared to a few years ago. It´s like an open wound and the heat makes everything really dangerous. Yesterday a big piece (300 m wide) of a glaciers got washed away due to heat (melting the glaciers, causing a flood under it and swiping it away) on Marmolada in Dolomites. On the normal route. On a sunday when so many people were climbing the mountain. 6 reported dead and several injured but 17 people is still missing so it could be worse. Just a month ago a big accident happened on Grand Combin where a serac fell over 17 people and killed 2, injured 9.

With all of this said. Watching the state of the mountains I have been thinking really hard on my life and how I live. The result is that even if I have taken steps over the years to make it more sustainable it´s not enough. How can I keep doing adventures around the world in a more sustainable way? How can I be a better role model and inspire others? I have many ideas and I will share them with you. One of the first things I did was to talk to my partners at Topo Travel where we decided to not organise travels to places where you need to fly. Topo Travel will be a no-flying company. It feels amazing. I really hope that can inspire more people to travel differently. More info coming soon…


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