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Adobe X Bowie

I was asked by @adobe to be part of the AdobeXBowie campaign and create an artwork where I used the Bowie-inspired digital tools to create my own alter ego.
Wow! So much fun! I have named this artwork ”Starwoman”.
I knew right away that I wanted to create something from the mountains.
I used the digital tools to give my clothes an makeover and to get the iconic Bowie flash over my eye. I also created this magical world around me using different patterns, stickers and layers. Want to know how I did it? Watch the video:
This photo represents bravery, creativity and a magical place. David Bowie was someone who always went his own way and was brave and creative when he expressed himself. I have always looked up to him and thought ”be a little bit more like Bowie” when I needed to encourage myself. Just like you have to be in the mountains.
Original photo by the amazing Paul Romain

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