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82 Peaks

This winter have been super busy so I did not have time to blog anything at all but the major thing is that our project 82 Peaks have finally started! Me and my climbing partner Emma Håkansdotter are going to climb all 4000 m peaks in The Alps with only female partners. We are not trying to break any record. We don´t even have a time limit on the project because we want to climb in good conditions and not have to gamble with safety due to bad weather or conditions. We want to enjoy the project and if you are stressed out, always chasing the next one that enjoyment is gone. I have done that in other projects.

This time focus is on female empowering and to learn and develop. We are not professional climbers and we are not trying to be either so we will probably make mistakes but we will also share that process. We think that is something we don´t see that often in stories from the mountains. We just see success.

So go check out our website because we will post a blogpost from each mountain there together with a climbing guide, free for everyone who also wants to climb these mountains.

We did the first round on skis and I´m not the best skier so it was a challenge for me for sure! Still happy we went for it. I think this whole experience will be so rewarding. I can´t wait for the next round. It starts in 28 days and so far this year I have been ill with covid two times and gone from training for 8 weeks already in just 4 months. So I´m struggling a little bit there. My focus now will be endurance and climbing since we will not ski any more mountains this year. It´s always hard to start the climbing season after winter. I went to the gym yesterday and did some bouldering and I´m so weak! Like all my specific climbing muscles are gone (not that I had any to begin with). I could do a few 5+ boulders but I didn´t even try anything harder. I just don´t have what it takes right now. But the best thing is that it can only be better from here and I´m willing to work hard to get back into shape for the next round!

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