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Exploring Kullaberg

Sponsored post by Visit Höganäs

I have been spending the last days in southern Sweden in Kullaberg, exploring a place I always wanted to go to. Kullaberg have a really unique nature and the whole adventure started with me picking up these two for a raodtrip:

Then we drove about 6 hours from Stockholm and got to this cosy place:

Mölle Krukmakeri was going to be our basecamp the next days!

Loved the vibe of this place!

Also can we talk about the AMAZING breakfast we got the morning after? All I have to say is WOW!

Then we took off with my van and went to explore the climbing in this area. Kullaberg is famous for it´s climbing and there is trad and sport climbing routes in all grades (mostly 6-7).

The whole area is a nature reserve and you can understand why – the nature here is really special and beautiful!

I love this coastline with dramatic cliffs!

Time to try out the climbing!

Matilda Söderlund is one of the best female climbers in the world so of course she found a crimpy 8a to climb first thing.

I was hanging in a rope above her to take some photos:

It´s so impressive to watch her climb, her moves are so delicate. But even for a beginner like me, there is a lot of climbing in this area, specially if you like trad climbing (which I do)

I spent the afternoon doing a run – the trails here are really technical and the route I ran involved a lot of scrambling, just the way I like it!

I would love to comeback here for some more off season training – since it´s located in southern Sweden fall comes later here.

There is also a famous race here called Kullamannen that I would love to run one day. It suppose to be a pretty tough trail race.

Next day the weather wasn´t the best for climbing so we had to make new plans…

We took the van to a new location.

And went for a hike! Kullaleden is a 70 km long trail that goes around Höganäs. It´s part of Skåneleden and it is super beautiful!

This morning we had a lot of fog so it looked kind of spooky in the forest…

It´s a photographers dream! I need to be here a little bit later when it´s all red & yellow.

It´s very different from the regular forest we have in Sweden.

We decided to go to Nimis and check out the artwork by Lars Vilks.

Since he passed away just two days before national television was there and we ended up on TV talking about this place!

There were flowers all over from visitors.

The artwork is made by driftwood but it´s also not allowed in this place so it´s complicated. Now when the artist is gone they don´t know if they should keep it or not. No one wants to acknowledge it from the government because that means they have to take care of it.

I wanted to visit for 12 years, since I first saw photos of it by a photography student of mine.

Weather was perfect for a hike and sightseeing along the coast.

The we went back to the car and…

Went for a cold bath! In Helsingborg they have Pålesund and Kallis – two cold baths with sauna.

But we were not aloud to take photos in there so we went for a swim just next to Kallis instead.

My assistant Olivia love cold baths. I don´t. I´m a chicken.

Then it was time for us to drive back to Stockholm again. But this is a place I would love to visit again. There is so much to see & do here. Click this link to find out more!

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