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Mountain Leader Education #2

Straight after my visit in Switzerland I drove my van back to Abisko for part two of my mountain ledar education. This time we had four days and the first one was in the classroom where we talked about global warming, the environment and had a guest lecture by Keith Larson. Then we went out into the field where we talked about permafrost and how it´s melting and what that means.

We had to dig down to the permafrost and touch it. It´s scary how fast it disappear.

The second day started with puppy cuddles!

And then we were off on our expedition! The plan was to spend three days and two nights in the nature and learn.

The focus was once again navigation but there is so much to learn about this and it´s also quite complex.

We got divided into smaller teams and got assignments to find different locations. This is my pro team with Emma & Maja!

Break for berries!

And break for lunch. So cosy!

We also got to study flowers close-up. I can honestly say that I´m not that into flowers but it´s fun to learn more.

This must be the best season in northern Sweden – look at the colors!

We also learned about finding a good campsite and how to organise it.

I mean come on – look at this! WOW!

We made a fire and cooked dinner and sat up all night and talked until the fire burned out.

The next day we learned about crossing rivers.

And speed while walking and how to lead a group.

Some more navigation!

We found another really nice lunch spot.

The more navigation! I´m almost a PRO now 😉

So beautiful everywhere! The colors!!

More river crossings. We also tested limits. What is too strong? What is not ok with guests etc.

Another beautiful campsite!

And after four days in Abisko it was time to drive my van back home! I love this education, I´m learning so much and it´s so much fun. I can´t believe that I´m becoming a guide – even if it´s just mountain leader. Dream!

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