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The last three days


After working from home a few hours I went to do a Covid-19 test. I do them every now and then (if I´m doing a job where I need to meet people or have upcoming travels). It was negative so that was all good! Then I went to Hammarbybacken, our 86 m high hill in Stockholm for the first session of the spring. I did a easy 500 m D+. I walk up and run down and try to keep it in zone 2. The last snow have soon melted from the hill.

I have been training on the stairmaster pretty much all winter so it was good to go out and train in a real hill. There is a slight difference to how you do your steps and what muscles that are activated.

I´m still in my max strength period when it comes to strength training and this makes me pretty tired all the time. I need a lot of recovery.


This weekend I did my first job as an assistant climbing instructor! It was so much fun! We had the best weather and two amazing days. I assisted a mountain guide called Calle. The first day we learned the participants how to use cams and nuts, how to build an anchor and we climbed on top rope. I taught two of the participants how to belay and prepped them for the test tomorrow where they would take their green cards.

When I came home I was too tired so I took a rest day and told my coach I will do today´s training tomorrow instead.


Second day of the climbing course. Today we taught the participants more about building anchors and then we climbed some more. This time I was leading and had two participants following and when we got to the top we rappelled down. We also talked about access and what do think about when you go climbing on your own outside. This was a beginners course so the goal was for the participants to learn to be able to climb by themselves outside and be able to build their own anchors.

When I came home I was tired but knew I had to go to the gym so first I cooked myself my favorite dinner and watched some Netflix to rest a little and gather energy to go do another max strength session.

That was my weekend! Just work and training.

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