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10 most common things to die from in the mountains

Now this was a depressing headline for sure but it´s also something we need to be aware of. I´m in Chamonix right now and yesterday they opened the life to Aiguille du Midi. Two people lost their lives on that first day. I was up there today and there is a LOT of snow. So there is also a huge risk of avalanches.

But I thought we should take a look at the most common things to die from in the mountains (in no particular order)

Acute Mountain Sickness in the form of High Altitude Cerebral Oedema and High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema



Rock and Serac fall




Abseil failure

Sudden cardiac failure (usually caused by crashing into the ground)

Getting Lost

Someone cutting the rope on you

I almost died once in a rockfall on the Grand Jorasses Traverse. I have also been trapped on altitude in a high camp with a crazy thunderstorm and lightening all the time all night. The guide wasn´t sure we were going to survive. That was scary…

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